Technical Meeting 19 October 2017 Result

Click below for the presentation slide that was shared today:
Technical Meeting 19 October Presentation Slide

Important Additions:
– For 20 October arrive earliest at 10.00. Arriving early won’t be advantageous because we are not yet allowed to set things up before then (by the Mall itself)
– The map for the booth placing will be posted tonight
– Voting system will be explained tomorrow. You, the participants, don’t need to worry however, because voting will be handled by us the committee, just focus on making people come to your booth
– Anyone aside from you guys, the participants can vote.
– For anyone that cannot submit tonight at 23.59 must inform the committee beforehand to avoid mistakes and errors.
– Please don’t forget to give an earlier notice if you are suddenly unable to attend for your presentation

The other 4 rewards aside from 1st-2nd-3rd place you can win are :

Crowd’s Favorite – Decided by vote
Best Exhibitor – Decided by us the committee according to how your exhibition space is set up
Best Presenter – Decided by judges according to how you present your application (not the application, just the presentation)
Best Poster – Decided by us the committee, and like the name says, will depend on your poster

Presentation Schedule

Friday, 20 October

Please arrive at 10.30 latest to set up your booth for the exhibition. We will start at 13.00 and finish at 16.00. Each team have 15 minutes for their presentation including a Q&A section with the judges.

  Tzu Chi | Odio Bryan, Kevin Nicholas
  Tzu Chi | Cynthia Fedora, Nichelle Thereza, Audretta Chang
  IPEKA Pluit | Christopher Putra, Calvin, Kent Xavier
  Tzu Chi | Brilliant Gustavo, Bryan Davis, Justin Farrel
  Citra Kasih | Evan Febrian, Andrean Ignasius, Sena Kumara
  Global Jaya | Tarra Nuraini, Kevin Ginting
  Kristoforus 2 | Jeanny Claudia Haryanto, Grischa Jovanka, Abigail Sulystian
  Dwi Warna | Novel Firdhaus, Muhammad Rafky Akbar, Al Hakim Khalil
  Dwi Warna | Raihan Aufaldy, Luthfi Goldiansyah

Sunday, 22 October

Attendance is mandatory for every participants. For those with schedule arrive the latest at 10.30, we start presentation at 11.00 and finish at 14.00. For everyone else please arrive latest at 15.00. Each team will also have 15 minutes for presentation along with Q&A section.

  Tarakanita GS | Dennis Ertandy, Adrian, Nicholas Sanjaya
  Athalia | Christian Jauhari, Mario Farrel Albert
  SMA Atisa Dipamkara | Joko Sentosa, Andraina, Hans Budiman
  Tzu Chi | William Penn, Gregorius Jonathan, Steven Yonathan
  SMA Atisa Dipamkara | Aurellia Naomi, Sittacarini Amerta Putri, Jovan
  SMA Atisa Dipamkara | Jessica Wijaya, Emelie Katherine, Bryan Saputra
  SMK Atisa Dipamkara | Cindy Cynthia, Kamalik, Eiline Thedian
  SMAN 2 Tangsel | Chaliza Aziz, Muhammad Choirul, Muhammad Bintang
  IPEKA Tomang | Gerald Stephanus, Warren Chandra
  Citra Kasih | Brillivia Joan, Goldius Leonard, Jennifer Christie


By their own will, for their own reasons, the following team(s) have resigned from the competition:

  Al Izhar | Anggrio Wildanhadi, Abyan Zhafran

Technical Meeting Attendance and 21 October Exhibition Attendance

For the 20 finalists please fill out this form for who will attend the technical meeting at 19 October (Not mandatory but recommended. At the very least one person from every school so the information can be shared personally):
Click here for the form

For those that want to attend the Exhibition for 21 October please fill out the following form (It’s optional):
Click here for the form


Information regarding the 20-22 October final event(s)

Important stuffs follow, don’t skip this particular wall of text!

Before anything else, let me remind you that submission deadline is by 19 October midnight.
Lateness will not be tolerated unless you can appeal to any of the committee regarding your lateness and the reason makes sense (maybe you run out of luck and your pc went kaput just as you want to turn it in. Unavoidable stuffs like that. That was a horrible example though)
Also don’t forget to prepare your presentation. It will be in a stage in front of all 3 judges at once (and any other spectators).
Make sure the presenter(s)’s public speaking skill is adequate and the content of the presentation thorough, honest, and clear.
You will also need to present/demonstrate your final application as part of your presentation.
Make sure you bring an Android phone(We can lend you one but better for you to use one where you’ve already tested the application before)

The three day final events consists primarily of the Opening on 20 October, the Interlude on 21 October and the Finale on 22 October.
Finalists are expected to attend the event primarily on 20 October and 22 October, with 21 October being optional but recommended.
Once again for those unable to attend (at all) please quickly inform us because unfortunately, we have to disqualify you.
The event starts at 11.00 for all participants (preparation is recommended from 10.30 ) and last well until the night. With the exception of the finale on 22 October however, it is not mandatory for participants to stay the whole day.

The space for exhibition will be opened for the entire duration for the event and participants are allowed to make use of their booth at their discretion. We provide basic booth and all participants are allowed to decorate, set up, customize their booth however you want as long as it’s still intact. Also, customization must be done outside of exhibition hours(which means either mornings before the event proper or nights after the event is closed for the day)
The Exhibition itself is important, because as we promote the idea of innovation, the application you make is not only for winning the competition, but instead are aimed at being actually usable in our daily lives and thus, the exhibition is our way of realizing this idea by giving you the chance to promote and “sell” (figuratively) your application to the general public.
Of course not only that, we also offer a Crowd’s Favorite. The visitors of our event and your exhibition are given the chance to vote for your application and the team with the most vote will be crowned the Crowd’s Favorite along with prizes of its own.

Opening, 20 October

The first day of the event consists mainly of opening events along with the first 10 presentation from our finalists. The first round for our Mobile Legends Competition also starts in the afternoon.
It is mandatory for participants to come in the morning at 10.30 at the latest to set up their booth for their exhibition.
The 10 team that are scheduled to present that day are also required to stay until 16.00 after which every participants are allowed to stay or leave at their leisure.
For the other 10 team that won’t be presenting that day, while it is not mandatory to stay until 16.00 we strongly recommend to. It is important you get a feel of how the event works and make sure you are ready for your presentation on 22 October.

Interlude, 21 October

As every participants will be asked to stay the entire day for the Finale at 22 October, we allow you a chance to rest on 21 October.
There’s no event related to the Mobile App Competition on this day, instead, the majority of the day will be spend for our breakdance competition presented by Foundancetion.
Exhibition area will still be open for use for anyone willing but there are no mandatory hours for the Mobile App Competition to attend on this day.

Finale, 22 October

With 22 October being the Finale, attendance is mandatory for every participants of the Mobile App Competition.
Presentation for the last 10 team will start on 11.00 at the morning, so make sure you’re punctual.
After the presentations are finished, next up is the finals for our Mobile Legends Competition, and that duration will also be your last hours of exhibition, so make it count especially if you only have minimal hours of presentation by then.
At night 20.00 will begin our closing events including a short seminar and a raffle from Logitech.
Finally after Logitech’s final will be the winner announcement for the Mobile App Competition.

Too long; Didn’t read

On 20 October participants are asked to come from 11.00 and stay until 16.00. First day of Exhibition thus expect a lot of preparatory work.

21 October is a day of resting and attendance is not mandatory although recommended. No events related to the Mobile App Competition.

Attendance for 22 October is mandatory for the whole day. Winner announcement at night.

Obviously, team that are doing their presentation must be present during their presentation period(13.00-16.00 for 20 October. Starts from 11.00-14.00)

As a preventive measure we allow you to request to have your presentation on either 20 October or 22 October based on your availability. Just make sure to notify us as quick as you can to avoid any errors.

Presentation Request Form

Access the google form from the above link to reserve your spot.
Teams that doesn’t request a specific day will be given assigned at random
The presentation order itself will be announced on a later date, stay tuned.

Failure to attend your presentation without any news, warning, etc regarding your absence will lead to disqualification.


7 October 2017 Preliminary Results!

It’s been 3 days now since the preliminary round, the first hurdle you guys need to get through before winning the competition.
Out of the 30 (and plus 5 for your compatriots from Bandung who couldn’t attend that day but instead send a video presentation) that presents their application that day, we will pick 20 out of you, as you’d already know.
However, what you does not know is that the 20 aren’t 20 semi-finalist, but instead 20 finalist!
Yes indeed, we won’t be having a semi-final round like what you have been told before.
The judges already had a hard time deciding which to choose out of the 35 team (you can tell by how late in the day this announcement is published) and the 20 they picked are already their final choice.
Now without further ado the 20 teams that pass to the final rounds are:
      1. SBC Tzu Chi 02; William Penn, Gregorius Jonathan, Steven Yonathan
      2. SBC Tzu Chi 05; Cynthia Fedora, Nichelle Thereza, Audretta Chang
      3. SBC Athalia 01; Christian Jauhari, Mario Farrel Albert
      4. SBC SMA Atisa Dipamkara 01; Aurellia Naomi, Sittacarini Amerta Putri, Jovan
      5. SBC IPEKA Tomang 01; Gerald Stephanus, Warren Chandra
      6. SBC SMAN 2 Tangsel; Chaliza Aziz, Muhammad Choirul, Muhammad Bintang
      7. SBC Tzu Chi 03; Bryan Davis, Brilliant Gustaro, Justin Farrel
      8. SBC Kristoforus 01; Grischa Jovanka, Jeanny Claudia, Abigail
      9. SBC IPEKA Pluit 02; Christopher Putra, Calvin, Kent Xavier
      10. SBC SMK Atisa Dipamkara 02; Cindy Cynthia, Kamalik, Eiline Thedian
      11. SBC Citra Kasih 06; Evan Febrian Gunawan, Andrean Ignasius, Sena Kumara
      12. SBC SMA Atisa Dipamkara 03; Jessica Wijaya, Emelie Katherine, Bryan Saputra
      13. SBC Global Jaya 01; Tarra Nuraini, Kevin Ginting
      14. SBC Tzu Chi 04; Odio Bryan, Kevin Nicholas
      15. SBC Citra Kasih 01; Brillivia Joan, Goldius Leonard, Jennifer Christie
      16. SBC Tarakanita GS 02; Dennis Ertandy, Adrian Ekapramudita, Nicholas Sanjaya
      17. SBC Atisa Dipamkara 02; Joko Sentosa, Andraina, Hans Budiman
      18. SBC Al Izhar 01; Anggrio Wildanhadi, Abyan Zhafran
      19. SBC Dwi Warna 02; Novel Firdhaus, Muhammad Rafky Akbar, Al Hakim Khalil
      20. SBC Dwi Warna 03; Raihan Aufaldy, Luthfi Goldiansyah
Congratulations to the 20 Finalist for passing the preliminary round!
It’s only the beginning though, as now you need to brace yourselves for the storm that is the finals.
To refresh your memory, the finals will be held at the Living World Mall at Alam Sutera for 20-22 October 2017. Unlike the prelims, attendance here is mandatory, so make sure you guys can come.
Details of what you finalists need to do on that 3 days will follow, so stay tuned.
For now just focus on improving and finalizing your application, because you will need to finalize your application in by 19 October 2017
(And unlike the 6 October deadline which wasn’t actually a deadline, the application you will present and use on 20- 22 October will be the one you submit by 19 October).
For those of you guys that’s not included as the 20 finalist, while you may have lose the competition, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your mobile developer career.
If any of you guys are serious in developing your app and want to continue working on it, you’re welcome to contact us for help on it.
While we may not always be helpful, we’ll do our best to help you guys work on your application, part of the competition or not.


Guidelines for 7 October 2017


The location for Preliminaries (7 October) will be at the Prominence Tower/SGU Campus.
For those who are willing, you can come at 8 o’clock to attend SGU Day beforehand.
Presentation itself will begin at 14.00/ 2 PM. Please check the guidelines and F.A.Q for details.

Please check your submission(s) for 7 October and make sure you can login to your account. Contact us if you have any problems.

Technical Meeting Presentation Slide


Poster Guidelines

  1. The design is entirely up to you
  2. Doesn’t contain any copyrighted content
  3. Doesn’t contain any offensive language


  1. In the form of a .JPG file
  2. Paper size is A3 with a resolution of 72 pixel/inch
  3. Paper orientation is portrait
  4. Naming should be “name1_name2_name3_schoolname_appname.jpg”


  1. Contains the name of your application
  2. Contains the reason behind your applications/ the problem that it solves
  3. Contains what your application does


  1. The poster should be a product of original creation by the participants
  2. The poster must not contain any copyrighted content, more or less. In short, don’t plagiarize or you’ll be shown the door.


Publication Rights
  1. The Committee holds the right to publish each poster while still giving credit to the creators


Presentation Guidelines

Elimination Round

  1. Duration of the presentation is 5 minutes.
  2. You don’t need to demo your application in this round. (But you can, if you want)
  3. The structure and design of the presentation is up to you.
  4. Who and how many people presents is up to you.
  5. You can bring your own laptop, but we provide an iMac with Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides.
  6. Language-wise you can use Indonesian or English (no preference between either so feel free to choose whichever you’re most comfortable with), German is a plus.


  1. Uses a form of presentation software (Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, etc.) thus presenting with nothing is not allowed. In short, you must present something. What that is, in detail, is up to you.


  1. Contains the reason why you built this app.
  2. Contains the features that the app has and will have (Include features that are not yet implemented in prototype stage, but plan to be implemented during the 2nd development phase).
  3. Contains some screenshots of your app even if it’s still in prototype stage.


Things to consider
  1. No empty promises, the features that are planned to be implemented will be expected to be finished by the finals.

What is the SGU-Game-A-Thon BITnnovation Competition?

An annual event held by the IT Department of the Swiss German University. You might have heard about us last year as the SGU-Game-A-Thon, where we held a game-making competition with the GameSalad. But this year, we are doing things differently by taking up the theme:



Solve the previously unsolved problems with innovations of your own


Through the widely-used and easily accessible mobile applications


While the Mobile App Programming competition is our biggest event, by no means it is our only event however.

Mobile App Programming Timeline


We also offer workshops for the participants-candidate and participants to help them prepare for the coming competition. The tools we’ll be teaching is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s App Inventor 2


We of course provide a prize pool for the winners of our Mobile App Programming Competition.


Rp 10.000.000

Also, not only cash, we also offer scholarship to the three winning team. The amount is cut from the entire 4 years tuition fee by these percentage:

1st place


Rp 180.000.000
In total for each team member

2nd place


Rp 144.000.000
In total for each team member

3rd place


Rp 108.000.000
In total for each team member


If you’re on this website and reading this then that means you have yet to register yourself. In the case you indeed have turned in a registration form but have yet to receive your login credentials, don’t worry, we’re on the job and it will soon be mailed to you. Or you can also contact us if you’re curious. In any case, i will detail how the online registration works here

Head over to the Registration page by opening the menu bar on the Top Right icon or using the Button below.
Fill the registration form as instructed on the page
After your login information have been mailed to you, open your profile and complete the rest of the missing documents


The Prominence Tower, Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat Kav 15, Alam Sutera, Panunggangan Timur, Pinang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15143


Living World Mall, Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21 Pakilonan, Serpong Utara, Kota Tangerang Selatan Banten 15325



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